Welcome! This 6-10 min survey targets young professional designers (0-10 years of experience; male & female) in the field of Architecture & Urban Design in Chicago. The goal is to extract and tackle specific issues we face in the profession today. Data will be collected anonymously, analyzed professionally, and presented at AIA 2018 in New York and at www.girluninterruptedproject.com. Thank you!
Let's do this!

What is your work title?

How many years of experience do you have?

What is your gender?

What's the highest degree you hold?

How many people work in your office?

How many hours do you typically work per week?

Are you a licensed architect?

If yes, when did you become licensed?

If you are not planning on getting licensed, what is the primary reason?


How do you feel about your salary?

Do you typically get a yearly bonus?

Do you think people with same skill sets are paid equally in your firm?

How much are you paid?

How do you feel about your benefits?

What benefits does your workplace provide you with?

Does your office provide any parental leave?

What office perks do you get?

What office perks would you enjoy having?

Have you ever negotiated at your work place?

If yes, did you get what you wanted out of the negotiations?

If you have not negotiated, why not?

How do you feel at the work place?

How do you feel expressing your design opinion at your work place?

Are you given credit for your efforts in your work place?


How do you feel about asking questions in your work place?

How often do you feel challenged by your work?

Who mentors you at your work place?

What motivates you at your work place?

How frequently do you initiate ideas at the work place?

Does your office encourage you to do any of the following?

Does your office cover fees for any of the following?


How do you feel about your work-life balance?

How do you feel about working at your work place?

How often do you work 10+ hour days at your work place?

Does your office offer any over time benefits?

How do you feel about taking time off?

How many paid vacation days do you receive per year?

Has your personal life been affected by your work?

How likely are you to recommend your work place to others?

Thank you for your time! Please feel free to share any other comments you have.

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